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Project Description



The Ask

The Gallery of Amazing Things (GOAT) in Dania, Florida is part museum, part event space, and part retail store. Its incredibly talented owners and curators, Aaron Rimpley and Gregg Whittecarr, were unsure of how to communicate all of their value to their diverse audience of collectors, party-throwers, and lovers of historic fine glass and pottery.

They came to us to help them find their way, and help their audiences find the special piece – or create the special moment – that only the GOAT could provide.

How We Delivered

We began by workshopping with Gregg and Aaron to truly understand the depth and breadth of their offerings. We plumbed into the needs and drivers of their target audiences to ensure we told a story that would be engaging and relevant to them.

What we discovered was that GOAT was underselling their brand’s promise of events and treasures their clients would cherish for a lifetime. And that the acronym of their name was not communicating the premium their offerings should command. We renamed the retail, gallery, and museum side of their business The House of Whitley – a marriage of their last names, Whittecarr and Rimpley.

We then crafted a brand foundation including positioning, mission, vision, values, capabilities, and personality attributes. These foundational elements informed new messaging which told a story of “A Life More Memorable” – communicating how they helped their clients find objects, and create memories to share and cherish for a lifetime.

To further bring their new brand to life, we created a new visual identity including logo, color palette, and typeface to match the couture nature of the upscale objets d’art they offer. Today, their stunning website portrays their unique taste and style, and establishes the House of Whitely as the premier source for  conversation-starting natural and historical artifacts, and painstakingly curated fine art.

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